Thursday, July 30, 2009

They All Break

Although always enjoying the friendly banter between the metal and plastic gun crowds as well as the 9mm vs. 45 gangs, I've observed through the years that any mechanical device can fail for a variety of reasons. Over my time attending and participating in matches this has been confirmed by observation. There also seems to be a direct inverse relationship between malfunctions and home gunsmith tinkering but that's more anecdotal than quantitative on my part.

For those of you that remember Todd Green when he worked at the NRA and shot locally (and those that don't) - here's a good article he's written with his own observations from inside the industry. Enjoy.

Todd Louis Green on pistol manufacturing.


  1. I agree whole heartedly! BUT...... some guns.... not brand, do seem to give more people trouble than others, even though they are shot in a division (CDP) that is not the largest populated division........ bad reloading, whatever........


  2. Ahh! And that's where the owner tinkering comes in I think. 1911's seem to lend themselves more to "gunsmithing"...

  3. While I don't specifically remember the man himself, I think that the modern polymer service pistol is in fact a much better weapon for the average individual than something that requires maintenance, lubrication, training, propper ammuntion (JHPs do not work well in M1911s) and decent magazines. But "perfection", I don't really think so!

    The Glock and glockoffs are similar to AKs in that they are not maintenance intensive. But in the last 5 years I have seen five of them dynamically disassembled. I have also seen them fail in competition and in training.

    The M1911, much maligned by the Gen X folks, is fussy by comparison. But, I also know that somewhere in deepest, darkest Pakistan, a few US SF guys with bad attitudes and M1911s are looking for OBL.

    Nothing is perfect with the exception of God. And, we will not see Him again on this side of the veil. Maybe He will forgive you for mocking him G26IDPA. Or maybe that is why He is moving you to Chicago!