Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gun Break List

We talk and debate and argue and kid about it all the time. 1911 vs. EverythingELSE. So for 2011 - the 100th anniversary of the Model 1911 - I suggested we keep track of issues we have with our various guns and see just which ones do run better. No it's not scientific. And it won't tell us which pistols DON'T have problems but it seemed like fun. So I've posted what I heard/observed at the first Rivanna match this year.

If you have other instances or observations (first-hand only please) email them to me at RivannaAP(a) and I'll add them to the list.


  1. I heard a co-worker at the firearms store I work at here in Illinois explaining his dislike of Glocks to customers. Apparently when it gets humid they are more likely to jam because the polymer "swells". I almost fell down.

  2. You hear a lot of REALLY dumb stuff in gun stores...