Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 March IDPA Video

Although it started a little chilly (20 something) it warmed up nicely and turned in to a beautiful day for a match. Thanks to all who came out and helped and participated.

Stage 1
Strong hand, Freestyle, Support Hand - 6 simple shots! DP leads off.

Stage 2
A 3 string stage with reloads off the clock. String 1: drop the popper, put a couple rounds in the target at the barrel, then get to the barrel for cover and put three rounds downrange. Now do your tac load and be ready to go. String 2: 2 rounds for each target hiding behind the barrels while moving to the next barrel. String 3: Engage the targets with 2 rounds each in tactical sequence and yes that black thing in front is made of steel. DP in action again, can you tell he's warmed up now?

Stage 3
Stopped at a hotel in GA which doesn't honor VA permits. So when things go bad you need to get your empty gun out, load it and get in the fight. TR shows us what he'd do.

Stage 4
Stopped for gas and about to check your oil when three bad people come out shooting and dragging your better half out of the store. JH comes up from Lexington to show us how to deal with this.


  1. I really enjoyed the videos of the action shoot. It was exciting. I may be there to watch, learn and participate the next time. I wonder if many folks had seen them, you have to go pretty deep in the website to get to them. Might be a good idea to put them closer to the front of the site. Of course I haven't goggled action shooting on you-tube, so there may be thousands of videos out there to watch

  2. New shooter coming later this month. Thanks for posting